John and Kitty Chase​

Whistler, B.C. Canada
Dear Mr. Lotfi,
We want to thank you very much for arranging our wonderful tour of Iran as you know, we traveled about 12,000 Km. around most of the country! We couldn't have seen and done more in our available time!
Our driver, Abbas Zoroofchi, was careful, thorough, and treated us as his guests. He made sure we saw and did as much as possible. He was a steady and safe driver through those many kilometers. We thoroughly enjoyed his company. He found us an excellent restaurant "Dellpasir" in Kashan - it was very special. We enjoyed everything we had planned with you to see and we especially enjoyed the three additional suggestions you and your agents recommended - Haygashen resort on the Caspian Sea, the Sufi tombs at Ardebil, and Kandovan village near Tabriz.
Each mosque that we saw was very special in its own way, and we appreciated being able to visit them. The countryside was very beautiful and interesting. We were at the Arg-e-Bam at sunset and it was a thrilling sight. Shiraz, Qom, Mahan, Yazd, Tabriz, Orumiye and Hamadan were everything we had hoped for, and Isfahan and Persepolis were marvelous!
Thank you again for arranging such an all-inclusive personalized tour for us. We enjoyed it very much and Iran has now come alive for us.
John and Kitty Chase